Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Photos of John and his family

John and his daughters Nadine and Jenny

John and his granddaughter Nicole

John and his grandson Kurt

John and his son Bob

Grandson Alex in Skating Performance

Grandson Alex Performing


Joe & Roslyn Eberhardt said...

Dear John and Mary Jane,

Joe and I met you through my Sister Noreen and Brother-in-law Wally. They certainly do love the both of you. What a sincere pleasure to have met you and have been able to continue to enjoy your music John on our copies of your CD's.

John, the smiles in your pictures can only make one smile back. Joe and I and the rest of us at Swan Lake Village have so many wonderful and happy memories of your performance here.

Thank you for being you.

Roslyn and Joe Eberhardt

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Jane and Johnnie,
I really enjoyed looking at all the photos you posted. What a beautiful ,happy family you have. And John , your son Bob is like your twin.!
I feel very fortunate that I attended your concert and spoke with you at Bay Moorings last Sept. You were terific esp. your Oscar Peterson , your rapport with the audience and of course your jokes !!! Also to donate your time and earnings to Marlene's Charitable cause was absolutely awesome .
While looking at the photos i started to remember your playing at the Port school all those " Boogie Woogies " during recess and I since learned ,also whenever the teacher was out of the room !!!! What a fun memory !!I'm truly happy for all your achievements.
Stay optimistic, and do know you all are in my thoughts and prayers

Marilyn Newton.

Wally and Noreen Stuckless said...

Hi John and Mary Jane
When I read your story about John and the rest of you singing the 'water' songs and John finishing up the songs I was reminded of all the times we had with John playing Christmas carols. We would all start out singing lustily and yet, almost always, he was the only one who would finish the songs (and yes, every verse). What wonderful memories that we'll cherish forever - of his music, his friendship, his wit, his amazing knowledge and his love.

Bill Edwards said...

Greetings to John and Mary Jane.

John, I first met you in 1991 up in Toronto at the final Bash with Glenn Jenks, and the two of you were kind enough to invite me to perform in your evening concert, which I long appreciated. Since that time I have steadily increased my involvement in ragtime, but it's been hard to make my passion for it any more than it already is, given how strong it is. I also taped that seminar you and Glenn gave, and used elements of it in both my performances (Pastimes to Anoma, etc.) and the many seminars I have done since.

We last met at Sedalia two years ago and you were again very kind to me and immediately acknowledged what I had done before and since. Thank you for that.

So I wanted you to be aware of both significant and subliminal impacts you have had on us musician types in both your personal contacts and your considerable recordinsg, one of my favorites being the four hand album with Catherine Wilson. I also offer personal thanks for taking one of my early charges who I got started on ragtime, Adam Swanson, and gave him some great opportunities that have advanced him, at fifteen, into a considerable player. He will represent the legacy of Arpin, Maddox, B. Campbell, and maybe even (if I'm so lucky) Edwards as he goes through life.

It has been a privilege always to be able to share this field with such a considerable person, and I would be remiss if I did not let you know that.

My family and I will have you continually in our prayers as both of you go through this time, and we know from experience this means you won't be alone, nor should you be.

My finest to you, Bill Edwards

Anonymous said...

Dear John & Mary Jane:
Our last visit with John was on the "Island Queen" out of Parry Sound...We enjoyed our visit with him and also his music. We have a picture of us taken with him.
Our Prayers are with both of you and all the family.

Bert & Jean Calvert

Colin MacDonald said...

Dear John and Mary Jane:

Ed Berlin was thoughtful to post information about this site and John's condition on the ragtime news group.

I had looked forward to John's returning to perform at the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento and was, of course, disappointed when it was announced he would not appear.

I have enjoyed John's performances and his gentle disposition. I wish both of you the best.

My wife and I are facing the same situation as I have terminal prostate cancer - we had our tears at first but got beyond that and decided to celebrate life.

I love ragtime music - am not a musician but have a website with ragtime midi files (www.ragtimemusic.com). My mother was born in Toronto and I have a fondness for our neighbors.

Cordially, Colin

Tara said...

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