Friday, October 12, 2007

Keeping in Touch with All our Friends and Loved Ones

Hi everyone,

John and I are blessed in receiving so many calls, cards and visitors at this time with John's health issues. We have enjoyed all of your messages and appreciate your good wishes. Sometimes, the volumes of calls, emails and visitors are so much that we feel unable to keep up in making return calls or emails within what we would consider an appropriate amount of time. However, we understand your need to hear about any updates or progress or any other changes and appreciate that it is difficult to await information, particularly when you are unable to make contact.

So, it was suggested that a "blog" might be helpful in keeping loved ones informed and to assist us in our communications. So, I promise to do my best in keeping it updated with our happenings, John's health state and any other activities that might be of interest.

I'm new to this but have a team that like me to be "up to the minute" and I have good coaches to support me in learning new technology-I hope to eventually post photos or other things of interest....

Hopefully this forum will assist us all in keeping connected during a challenging time.

Best regards,

Mary Jane


Christine said...

The both of you are so generous with yourselves and your time. To think of us during such a difficult time in your life is beyond kindness.

I love your idea of the "blog". Great picture of John!

I will keep posted to hear how both of you are managing.

Take good care and please pass my well wishes to John. Do let him know that he is in my daily positive thoughts.

caroljones said...

Club 22, Mr. Tony's, The King Eddy (and many more) and Polka Dot Door - at Sherman Laws Studio. Dear John we worked together for many years on pdd - I was the AD with Jed producing and Dave Moore - directing. They were some of my happiest years in TV working with such an amazing talent such as yourself - when we were in the studio (and taping was a bit slow!) you would play requests all day long - one day for me the entire opera TOSCA - and whenever I made an appearance on the studio floor - which usually meant there was a problem! - you would launch into Vera Lynn mode!! I am so very sorry to hear of your illness - you are an amazing talent and a wonderfully generous man (my son Simon's skates) My warmest wishes (full of so many happy pdd memories) go out to you andMaryJane Luv - Carol Jones (aka Mrs. Polkaroo!)

James Hurst said...

I received the blog site from Janet and Ken Harnden.

I want to pass on my best to you both.

I am also a good friend of "Doc" Taylor here in "The County".

On a couple of occasions when John was down this way, we met at the Belleville Club. I manage the place.

We talked hockey. Oh yes, a few other things as well.

But I learned that John loved the game, and the athletes he met through his playing.

We enjoyed the reminiscing.

Again, all the best.

James Hurst

Carrie Loring said...

I am so terribly saddened to hear of John's illness.

John, working with you remains one of the top highlights of my musical career. Those 10 years on Polka Dot Door were simply the happiest times. Taking a simple tune and listening to you do it in every style imaginable was a daily delight. The show's music, during our era, was of course its forte. As Carol Jones mentions in another note, it was also the listening to you play during the long waits between technical difficulties. What music we heard effortlessly spilling out of those hands. And I don't ever remember a piece of sheet music in front of you.

I cherish the hours and hours of rehearsal tapes that I own. Everything you played was simply gold. Thank you for that.

I will hold all good thoughts for you. Play on.
Carrie Loring

Jaymz Bee said...

Mary Jane:
What a beautifully written blog!
As you know, I am a die hard Arpin Head from way back and I hope to come visit him if he is up for it.

I would come equipped with a recording device for story telling (in hopes to air it on 91.1 sometime) but if he prefers we can just chat and I'll leave the biz aside.

His phenomenal version of St. Louis Blues (recorded last fall) was so brilliant we decided it had to be the first song in the new JAZZ.FM91 solo piano compiltaion...ONE LUCKY PIANO...out in November. I promise to race over with a copy when it arrives from the plant.

If John is up for a visit, I will make time anytime, day or night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Jane.

I don't believe we ever met--although John told me a lot about you. My name is Brianne, my grandfather is John Moriarty.

I came down a couple of times to meet with John for a couple of piano lessons. What an experience! Not only did I get piano lessons, but I also got breakfast, a grocery shopping trip and many hilarious stories. I don't think I have met anyone with such charisma. I've never actually been able to see a sparkle in someone's eyes before but I did in his. It's like he knows a joke that nobody else knows.

I think of John often, and am very saddened to hear of his illness because he is definately one of my favourite people that I have ever met. I remember when I was very young I went to a concert of his in Midland, and he put me up on the bench beside him and played Polka Dot Door.

I am living in Doha, Qatar right now but will you please give him a big hug from me?


Glenn said...

You both are such dear friends. I want you to know how often I have thought of you in recent weeks, and wish that things could be different.

I also want you, John, to know how much you've inspired me over the years. I don't think I could have continued to be in the ragtime field without your loving support. For that matter, I wouldn't be writing music of any kind were it not for for your unending interest in what I have to say musically. It is an honor and a priviledge to know you!

The times we have played music together are permanently etched in my memory. When I think of you I have nothing but joy in my heart!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

I loved the pictures!

My love to you both, Glenn