Saturday, October 27, 2007

John in Concert in Hungary

John in Hungary

Enjoying Venice

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sunflower said...

Dear Mary Jane: We just learned of John's passing and are shocked because we did not know that he was sick. A terrible loss to the music world.

We had the grand opportunity to be in the audience of many of John's concerts. Three of them come to mind: in Savannah, GA in the historic Synagogue, Sedalia, MO and in KECSKEMET, HU @ the BOHEME JAZZ FESTIVAL, FEB. 2007! We met you there as well. In the large lobby of the concert hall, we commented to John about a long lovely medley he had just performed of an American composer.

We remember that he kept up a rigorous performance schedule in "out of town" villages. You were always on the go. Those audiences has a special treat hearing him. (we are the couple in attendance from Florida).

We own several of John's CDs which are very dear to us. All the best to you Mary Jane. Ted Godlin and Kelley Kaufman